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                                        First Grade Homework                                                          
                                      Week of …
                            March 18  – March 22                                                                                  
Another fantastic week in first grade!  We were blessed with 2 mystery readers.  Ms. Donado, (Natalia's mom), was our Thursday guest and she read the book How to Catch a Leprechaun and was kind enough to donate it to our classroom library.   We also completed an activity based on the story and we were treated to delicious snacks and didn't we just look fabulous in our St. Patrick's Day sunglasses and necklaces?  Our Friday guest was Camila Bazan (Emily's cousin) who read a great about St. Patrick's Day.  Thank you, ladies, for sharing your love of reading with us and for your awesome generosity!  Just a reminder that this Thursday, March 21st, is our class trip.  All forms and payments must be received by Monday if your child is participating.  

Reading -  Our Unit 4 Week 4 phonics focus is the sound of the long -Ii spelled -ie and -igh.  Students are to complete 20 minutes nightly reading and complete the log.  New weekly and decodable readers are in the folder and should be practiced nightly and the written assignment is due in class by Friday 
MathMath WB page 77.  This week we begin Chapter 6, our study of extending addition and subtraction facts.  The students will:  add numbers with sums of 20 or less / subtract from 20 or less / solve problems by making a table
Spelling - Write the spelling words 2X each in the spelling notebook
Handwriting - Complete the practice WS of the letter -Mm         


Reading Practice of material noted on the reading log              Spelling Write the spelling words in ABC order  
MathMath WB page 78 
Grammar - Grammar PWB page 142 / We continue our study of adjectives.  Adjectives are words that describe nouns / a person, place, thing or animal / what kind:  sad face, neat desk
Reading -
Read the story from the Reading Street book  The Lady in the Moon and complete the reading WS
Spelling -
Complete the spelling review WS 
Math -
Math WB page 79                    

Reading - Complete the reading log and the reading comprehension WS found in the Reading folder.  The weekly leveled reader assignment is also due tomorrow.  All written material is to be returned to class on Friday in the reading folder.  
Math -  Math WB page 80

Spelling - Spelling WB page 87 and continue nightly study of weekly words for the Friday test.                                             

pie, lie, tie, high, might, right, night, bright, light, tight


                                                                                                              HIGH  FREQUENCY  WORDS 

                  above, eight, laugh, moon, touch 

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