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                                      First Grade Homework                                                          
                                    Week of …
                        January 14  – January 18                                                                               


This week we will be adding leveled readers to our reading program.  On the flip side of this HW sheet you will find a notice with regards to these weekly leveled readers that the students will be bringing home daily in their reading folders along with either the decodable readers or advanced selection.

Reading - This week we begin a new book in our Reading Street series. Our Unit 3 Week 1 phonics focus are the vowel sounds of the long -Ee and -Ii spelled y at the end of the word (1 syllable words, cry, and 2 syllable words, baby.  Included is the Unit 3 Parents' Guide Overview.  Practice of material noted on the reading log
Math - Math WB page 48 / This week we begin Chapter 4, our study of graphs and data.  In this chapter the students will:  make & interpret charts & graphs / add & subtract to interpret data from charts & graphs / find the range, mode, & median for a set of data / solve problems using information on charts & graphs
Spelling - Write the spelling words 2X each in the spelling notebook
Handwriting - Complete the practice WS of the letter -Uu         


Reading Practice of material noted on the reading log              Spelling Write the spelling words in ABC order.  This will be the Tuesday spelling HW for the remainder of the school year.
Math - Math WB page 49 
Grammar - Grammar PWB page 133 (we begin our study of the identification of verbs in sentences.  A verb is an action word / The boy ran up the stairs.   
Reading -
Read the story from the Reading Street book An Egg is an Egg and complete the reading WS
Spelling -
 Complete the spelling review WS (both sides, write a sentence for the HFWs)
Math -
Math WB page 50                       

Reading - Complete the reading log and the reading comprehension WS found in the Reading folder.  The weekly leveled reader assignment is also due tomorrow.  All written material is to be returned in the reading folder.  
Math - Math WB page 51   

Spelling - Spelling WB page 52 and continue study of weekly words for the Friday test.  Sentence dictation (5) will also now be a part of the weekly spelling test.                                           
     my, by, try, any, body, fly, cry, lucky, silly, puppy 

                    HIGH  FREQUENCY  WORDS

always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, things 


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