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Homework is a very worthwhile part of your child's day and it is very important to his or her success in school.  We use it as a way to review and practice important skills learned in the classroom.

Homework encourages responsibility and should not be viewed as a punishment but as a way to help your child succeed in school.  One way to teach responsibility is by expecting your child to complete their homework.

I normally assign homework Monday - Thursday.  Homework is never assigned on Friday unless a student needs to complete assignments due to absence or failure to complete weekly assignments or classwork.  It should take students no more than 20 minutes to complete their written assignments, and an additional 20 minutes to read and complete the weekly reading log. Always refer to the weekly homework assignment sheet found in the student homework folder and it is also posted on the ASJM Grade 1 class page website.

Parents, you are the key to making homework a positive experience for your child.  So please, make it a priority, provide the necessary supplies, and a quiet environment.  Even if your child is in aftercare; you must check, review, and discuss your child's nightly assignment with them when you get home. As always, if you have any problems or concerns, I am always available.  Contact me via email or the school office or just drop off a note with your child in the morning.   

Some ways parents can help their child with homework are:
Have a specific time each day to complete the homework.
Make sure it is in a quiet, comfortable, well-lit place.
Make sure there are no distractions (TV or music playing, etc.).
Help your child, but do not do their homework for them.
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