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  1. Hello future 6th graders!

    For your summer reading, I am assigning Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullay Hunt.


    You don’t have to weather the storms alone.

    Delsie loves a good storm – except when the squalls are in her own life. Her summer friend, Brandy, is back on the Cape at last—but devastates her by dumping her for a new friend. And she could really use a mom right now – except hers left years ago and her loving Grammy won’t discuss her mom, saying it’s too painful.

    You can purchase a copy of the book at a bookstore or online.  Please buy a hard copy of the book and a notebook(label it reading/novel), so we can have a discussion about the book at the beginning of the year.  You will answer the following discussion questions in the notebook and bring it on the first day of school to discuss and collect. Try not to read ahead on the questions as they may contain some spoilers.

    1)What is Delsie thinking of as she watches the seal on the


    2) Explain what Delsie meant when she said that “Grammy has always been a bridge


    3) What did Grammy mean when she said, “You can see that we always know what Delsie is thinking”?

    4) What do you think Michael’s opinion of Tressa is? Explain your answer.

    5) How did Aimee stand up for Delsie when Michael asked about her mom?

    6) How did Ronan surprise Delsie, Brandy, and Tressa at the beach?

    7) Why did Olive accuse Ronan of wanting to rob her home?

    8) Why do you think that Delsie went to eat lunch with Brandy and Tressa?

    9) How did Delsie explain to Aimee what it felt like to be an orphan?

    10) What did Delsie discover when she was looking through her Grammy’s photo album?

    11) Why do you think Ronan is so upset over the fishing pole?

    12) What did Grammy mean when she told Delsie that her momma’s strength came in leaving, not in staying?

    13) What did Delsie realize she and Olive shared in common?

    14) What had happened to make Ronan so angry?(CH. 33)

    15) What do you infer Tressa has done to hurt Delsie? (CH. 36)

    16) What was Ronan’s big surprise for Delsie?

    17) Why didn’t it matter to Delsie if Tressa and Brandy came backstage with them?

    18) What had Delsie realized about the people in her life?

    19) How did Delsie say that wind and anger were alike?

    20) Which character from this story do you most identify with? Why?

    Enjoy the summer, read, practice your math, and try something new! Cool Beans! -Mr. 

  2. N.U.T.S. about READING

Again this summer, we are continuing with the N.U.T.S. about READING program at the Academy. For every (4) books on the list that you read and log, you will receive a N.U.T. Day Pass.

Nuts For Reading

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