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We started with basic review, Alphabet/Numbers.
I have posted on google classroom 2 videos they should watch.
Also 2 worksheets they can follow with the videos.

Next time we meet we will review in class I will be asking them to say the alphabet.

Comenzamos con una revisión básica, Alfabeto / Números. He publicado en google aula 2 videos que deberían ver. También 2 hojas de trabajo que pueden seguir con los videos. La próxima vez que nos veamos repasaremos en clase. Les pediré que digan el alfabeto.

Important: Everyone must have a NOTEBOOK for taking notes in class & All ASSIGNMENTS will be done in NOTEBOOKS as well.

Importante: Todos deben tener un cuaderno para tomar notas in clase y todas las tareas deben hacer tambien en cuadernos.

          homework 2
Due Monday Oct 5, Grades 5, 6,7,8 Definite Articles Practice Worksheet. Plus finishing the worksheet they got in class after completing test.

Monday Sept. 14  Grades 5,6,7,8 will have their oral test on alphabet.

Tuesday Sept. 15  4th grade will have their oral test on alphabet.

Monday Sept 14, 5,6,7 grades, On google classroom an assignment posted for the days of the week. The student are to do the work in their notebooks.  
5th Due on Wednesday 9/16, we will go over in class Monday 9/21.
6th Due Wednesday 9/16 we will go over the work on Thur 9/17.
7th Due Tues 9/15, work to be checked on Wed 9/16.
8th Due Tues 9/15, work to be checked on Wed 9/16.

4th Grade- Study alphabet & numbers 1-20, Study the spelling of the numbers as well for Tues 9/22.

 Monday 9/21:
5th,6th,7th,8th Los meses del año.
Homework/Tarea- Due 9/22 5th,6th,7th,8th
2 Worksheets Sentences with holidays fill in the month make a complete sentence. All work done in notebook.  

4th- Tuesday 9/22: Oral test on Alfabeto/Alphabet &
counting 1-20.

5th - ¿Que hora es? What time is it?
Assignment due Thursday 9/24- Write out the times on the clocks.

6th- Assignment due Monday 9/28- Write out the times on the clocks.

7th- Assignment due Monday 9/28 - Write out the times on the clocks.

8th- Assignment due Monday 9/28 - Write out the times on the clocks.
Reminder all work to be written out in notebooks, no typed assignments.

Week of 9/28
4th -- Dias de la semana/Days of the week

Week of 9/28
5th, 6th, 7th & 8th - Intro to Definite & Indefinite Articles.
Assignments to follow.


8th, 5th & 6th --Thursday October 1st
7th --Wednesday September30th
Week of 10/5
5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Assignment Indefinite Article
Due Tuesday 10/6 
We will learn Demonstrative Adjectives this week.

Week of 10/5
4th- Months of the year/Meses del ano
We will not be having class on Tuesday there is a Presentation set up for them. 
For Wednesday I want the students to watch a video. They are to write the Days of the week & Months in their notebooks.
I posted the link on Google classroom & Stream, we will review on Wednesday in class. 

Week 10/12
Tuesday Oct 13- 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Test
Definite & Indefinite Articles
Wednesday 10/14- Demonstrative Adjectives
Thursday 10/15 - Possessive Adjectivees

Oct 13 - 4th - Review Homework Dias & Meses
Introduce Greetings, Family 

Wednesday  10/14 7th - Returned Test for Parent Signature

Week 10/19
5-8 Return Tests for Parent Signature.
10/19-Nouns - Genders & How to make them Plural

Homework- Nouns Singular to Plural Worksheet Due Tues 10/20

5,6,8 Must got Test signed & return Tuesday 10/20

10/20 4th- Colores 
10/21 4th - ¿Que hora es?/Telling time in Spanish
 4th - Homework, Many students are still unsure of the "alfabeto"
  they have to study it &
For Tuesday 10/27 -Must be able to recite.
Also we started ¿Que hora es?/What time is it? There is a information sheet on Google classroom (Red Apple Clock) they should review the minutes (Look at the way the minutes are referred to in Spanish. We will do in class on Tuesday in more depth.

10/21 7th - Nouns/Sustantivos/Genders Test- 

10/22 5th - Nouns- Making Nouns Plural / Gender - TEST

10/22 - 8th Demonstrative Adjectives worksheet due.

Week 10/26
6th - Test Nouns & Gender
Monday 10/26  5-8 We will begin Pronombres/Pronouns

4th- ¿Que hora es? We will master how to tell time.
They will have an assignment on Tuesday10/27  due Wednesday 10/28

Wednesday 10/28 & Thursday 10/29 We will play some Spanish Bingo, the students always enjoy playing & it always pertains to Spanish. This Bingo will be Halloween related.

Finishing off the 1st Marking Period

Week 11/2
Mon-11/2 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th - Go over/Review Pronombre/Pronoun Homework.

Tuesday- 11/3 4th - Finish teaching about ¿Que hora es? /
What time is it? Homework Writing the hour out.

Wednesday 4th - Will get a review sheet for a test on

Wednesday 11/4- 7th Test on Pronombres/Pronouns 
Thursday 11/5- 5th, 6th, 8th Test on Pronombres/Pronouns

Start of 2nd Marking Period

Week 11/9-
Monday 11/9 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Palabras Interrogativas-Question Words

Tuesday 11/10 4th - Test review Tuesday - It will cover Meses/months, Dias de la semana/days of the week, Basic Greetings/ Familia-Family, Numeros- Numbers.

Week of 11/16
Tues/Wed - 4th Return Review test for signatures
  Finishing ¿Que hora es? 

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th - Finishing up ¿Preguntas?-

Wed- 11/18 -7th Preguntas Test
Thurs - 11/19 - 6th & 8th

Week 11/23- Thanksgiving (Dia de Dar Gracias) Word Search In Spanish

Week of 11/30 6th, 7th, 8th Starting Verbs Conjugating ( Present, Past, Future Tense)
Monday 11/30 - Definition of Verbs

Tuesday 12/1 -Present Tense Conjugations
4th - Intro to Definite/Indefinite Articles, Nouns & the Genders

Week 12/7- Present Tense Conjugation of Verbs
Monday 12/7 -
8th Grade Present Tense Conjugation Test

7th,6th Grade- Conjugation Present Tense 
5th Grade- Introduction to Present Tense Conjugation Verbs

Tuesday 12/8 4th - Nouns their genders & Definite & Indefinite Articles

8th Grade 01/05 -Review Pronouns & conjugating Verbs in Present tense.
01/6 Ser & Estar "to be" How to conjugate & properly use.

7th Grade 01/05- Review of Pronouns & conjugating Present Tense Verbs.

6th Grade - 01/06 Review of Pronouns & Conjugating Present Tense Verbs 

5th Grade - 01/05 Conjugation chart for Present Tense Verbs.

4th Grade - 01/05 Review of Alfabeto
               01/06 - Definite & Indefinite Articles

8th Grade-

7th Grade-01/11- Verbo Ser y Estar, conjugations & uses.
            01/19-01/26 Por o Para understanding when to use the 
                       correct word.
            02/09-(Verbos) Past Tense Verb Conjugations
            02/23- (Verbos) Past Tense Test
            03/02- (Verbos)  Intro Future Tense
            03/16- Saber o Conocer Understanding when to properly  
                     use these verbs.
            03/23- (Verbos) Stem Changing- learning the rules when 
                     the Stem of the verb changes.
            03/29- Verbo Tener-

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